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Director’s Message

"When there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in character,When there is beauty in character, there is harmony in home, When there is harmony in home, there is order in nation & peace in the world"

    We don’t realize that success, happiness and satisfaction comes when we give more than we’ve received from our parents ,our society and life. We are only giving our coming generation the economic and physical rat race which breeds a blind competition . This has created ablack hole of negativity in our children.

    Today, we need to introduce our children to their own inside power. We all need to teach our children to take the responsibility of their actions & failures. They should not feel happy, only while using gizmos and gadgets but they should be taught that everything they need to be happy is inside them.

    At Green Land , we don’t aim at producing insensitive white collars, but we are working ceaselessly to retain the childhood innocence and purity in our students. We try to inculcate the thought in our ‘Green Knights’ that the whole world is a reflection of their own personality and everything will fall in place if

‘they are placcid when provoked ,and firm when flattered’ .


‘Mastering others is strength but Mastering Ourself is true power’

MS. Vijayata Rudhra
Green Land Convent School Dugri,Ludhiana

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