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Staff Detail (Session 2018-2019)

1 Ms. Ramanpreet  Kaur M.A., B.Ed
2 Ms. Parminder Kaur M.A., B.Ed
3 Ms. Reena  M.A., B.Ed
4 Ms. Gurjeet Kaur M.A. 
5 Ms. Aastha Malhotra M.Com, B.Ed
6 Ms. Sapna Sharma M.Sc., B.Ed
7 Ms. Lavleen M.Sc., MCA
8 Ms. Viponpreet Kaur Munjal M.Sc., B.Ed
9 Ms. Mandeep Kaur M.Com, B.Ed
10 Ms. Rajwinder Kaur MA, B.Ed
11 Ms. Mandeep Kaur M.Sc., B.Ed
12 Ms. Gurpreet Kaur B.A, B.Ped, M.Ped 
13 Ms. Anshu Chaudhary M.A., B.Ed
14 Ms. Triveni Goyal M.A., B.Ed, NTT, PHD
15 Ms. Monika Kashyap M.Sc, B.Ed
16 Ms. Meena Khanna B.Sc., M.A., B.Ed
17 Ms. Jyoti Batra B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed
18 Ms. Rubal Sharma M.A., B.Ed 
19 Ms. Prabhjot Kaur M.A., B.Ed
20 Ms. Rajvinder Kaur M.A., Diploma in Computer Applications B.Ed
21 Ms. Deepika  B.Sc., M.A., B.Ed
22 Ms. Nidhi Kumari M.Sc., B.Ed
23 Ms. Aishwarya Seth M.Com, MBA,B.Ed
24 Ms. Rakesh Rani M.A. (Punjabi)
25 Ms. Surjit Kaur B.A, PGDCA
26 Ms. Inderjit Kaur MA(Punjabi)
27 Ms. Navneet Kaur B.A., NTT, PTT
28 Ms. Shelly Gaur M.A. (English)
29 Ms. Gurpreet Kaur B.Com, MSC (IT)
30 Ms. Pooja Salwan M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed
31 Ms. Supriya Rana M.A, B.Ed 
32 Ms. Samridhi Kalia M.Sc. IT 
33 Ms. Muskaan Mehta M.A, B.Ed
34 Mr. Rajesh Roshan B.SC, B.Ed
35 Ms. Monika Bhasin B.SC, MA, B.Ed
36 Ms. Monika Rani M.Sc, B.Ed
37 Ms. Parminder  Kaur M.Sc., B.Ed
38 Ms. Parminder Kaur  M.Sc. (IT), MCA, B.Ed
39 Ms. Sarabjit Kaur BA,NTT, B.Ed
40 Ms. Deepa Walia B.Com, NTT
41 Ms. Shallu Arora B.A., NTT
42 Ms. Simple Kaushal B.A, B.Ed
43 Ms. Rajinder Kaur B.A, B.Ed
44 Ms. Harbhajan Kaur B.A, B.Ed
45 Ms. Mandeep Kaur M.A., NTT, B.Ed
46 Ms. Jyoti Sharma M.Sc , B.Ed 
47 Ms. Ramandeep Kaur M.A., B.Ed
48 Ms. Manpreet Kaur B.A. B.Ed
49 Ms. Seema Verma B.A., NTT
50 Ms. Rama Sahni M.A. , B.Ed
51 Ms. Navjeet Kaur M.A, .B.Ed
52 Ms. Anjana Soni M.A. ,B.Ed
53 Ms. Prabhjot Kaur BCA, B.Ed
54 Ms. Bindia Arya M.A. B.Ed
55 Ms. Vishaljeet Kaur M.A., B.Ed
56 Ms. Poonam Rawat B.Sc., B.Ed
57 Ms. Ameen Jyoti BA, B.Ed
58 Ms. Babita Pal M.Com., B.Ed
59 Ms. Kavya Awasthi MA (English)
60 Ms. Mona Sharma M.A, B.Ed
61 Ms. Ravneet Kaur B.A, B.Ed
62 Ms. Sandeep Kaur  B.Com,  NTT, PTT
63 Ms. Rimcy B.Com, PTT, B.Ed
64 Ms. Jyoti Alagh M.Com., NTT,CA Inter , B.Ed
65 Ms. Mandeep Kaur M.Com., MBA, NTT
66 Ms. Kulvinder Kaur M.A. (English), B.Ed
67 Ms. Esha Malhotra B.A, NTT
68 Ms. Sushwinder Kaur Kalsi BA, NTT, Diploma in Textile Designing
69 Ms. Renu Arora B.A., NTT
70 Ms. Parminder Kaur B.A.  NTT
71 Ms. Harmeet Kaur  M.Com , NTT
72 Ms. Disha Sharma B.A, NTT
73 Mr. Gurpreet Singh  Graduation in Phy.Edu., B.P.ED
74 Ms. Seema Rani BA, B.P.ED
75 Mr. Dinesh Kumar Khanna PGDCA, B.P.ED
76 Ms. Suman Sharma B.A. , Diploma in Library Science 
77 Ms. Shakti (Admin) M.A.
78 Ms. Vandana Bajaj (Admin) B.A, NTT
79 Ms. Jasvir Kaur B.A., GNM
80 Ms. Harminder (Admin) BA 
81 Ms. Rajdeep Kaur M.A, B.ED
82 Ms. Sukhvir Kaur MA , B.ED
83 Ms. Kajal Thapar BA, B.ED, BSC (COMPUTER SCIENCE)
84 Ms. Harpuneet Kaur MSC, B.ED
85 Ms. Mamta MSC, M.PHIL
86 Ms. Amanpreet Kaur BA, DIPLOMA IN DANCE
87 Mr. Pardeep Kumar DIPLOMA IN MUSIC
88 Ms. Jaspreet (Admin) BA, PGDCA

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Dear Parents 1. The school will remain closed on 3rd Nov, (Saturday) on account of Orientation Programme for teachers. In lieu of 3rd Nov, second Saturday (10th Nov, 2018) will be a working day. It is compulsory for all the students ( I to XII) to attend school on second Saturday (10th Nov, 2018). P.Nsy to K.G will have a holiday as usual 2. The school will remain closed on 7th and 8th Nov, 2018 on account of Diwali and Vishwakarma Day. The school will start at 9.30 a.m. on 9th Nov, 2018 on account of Bhaiya dhooj.

Dear Parents Registration and admission for the session 2019 - 20 will begin w.e.f 10th October , 2018 . I am pleased to inform you that as a part of ongoing Silver Jubilee Celebrations , the Management has slashed the tuition fee for classes P. Nsy to 1st Std . From the new session P. Nsy to 1st Std monthly fee will be only Rs. 2000 which includes computers and smart class fee . Also this year there will be no fee hike upto 5th Std. 6th to 12th Std only Rs 150 will be added in the existing fee structure . You may meet the undersigned for admission (classes Pre.Nsy to 9th Std.) 10th October, 2018 onwards .

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